Under this name (meaning 'container for survival or emergency') is hidden a semi-cylinder box in which cartridges and flare gun itself ware stored. It was part of the survival kit in the Luftwaffe.

For the same mater, there was a survival boat, ration (Notproviantbehälter), etc....

A description is provided in this hand book for the Me 410 A-1 plane:

Extract from Me 410 Flugzeug-Handbuch Teile 9 A - Dezember 1943

He was containing, ad minima, a flare gun (Mod. 34 or Heer) and a set of cartridges un three or four racks.

Different versions are available in different colors (just variation on markings and painting colors).

We can see two Notsignalbehälter on the upper right side.

Picture provided from the German Federal Archive

On the here below picture, we can see the content of a Nosignalbehälter "unpacked" on a table (should be during a instruction workshop):

A Luftwaffe soldier changing the content of the box.


Picture provided from the German Federal Archive

Two types of different marking (police changes) even if content is the same:

Overview of the survival box:



The different racks containing flare cartridges are presented here below:
In this model, the content (Inhalt) is composed of a flare gun (Leuchtpistole) and 24 cartridges (Signalpatronen).
The 24 cartridges are distributed in 3 racks containing 6 cartridges each (so, total of 18) and a flat rack of 6 other cartridges (unfortunately missing in these pictures).

Finally, on the picture here below, we can see some of the items part of survival kit for some Luftwaffe planes:

From right to left:

- Notesignalbehälter (survival container),
- Notesignalkackel rot-weiss-rot (torch light like a Bengal fire),
- Rauchsichtzeichen Orange 80 and 160 (smoke fire for Luftwaffe, small and medium model)


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