We will try to show here some original booklets, sales catalogs, documentations concernning the German flare guns. 

Thanking Greg Baker for these pictures, we can see here below a catalog edited by the Walther firm, describing the different models, features and other information.


Some other original booklet (just click on the pictures to enlarge them):

Technical manuel technique (ref. D-411) dated 1940, May, 28th. This manual shows in color the different packing labels for Leucht & Signalmunition.  It is 34 pages in length:


The first is a 20 pages technical manual on the Leuchtpistole. The second is a 20 pages brochure on the model 1926 Walther flare pistol:


PDF file of the civilian booklet 'Die Leuchtpistole und ihr Gebraucht' published by 'Heinz Denkler' in Berlin Pdf file

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