The 26 Heer model

On December, 22nd 1926, the Walther manufacturer (located in Zella-Mehlis Lien GoogleMap) has patented what becomes the Heer 26 model (Heer = Army) and the production began in 1928.
Some of it characteristics inherit from the previous model (Hebel model) such as the calibre: 4 (or 26,65 mm).
The weight of this model was 1,425 kilo, and was made of steel and nice machined. The barrel was  232 mm long and the length of this pistol was 324 mm. The grip was made of wood (walnut). The markings are the following: On the left side: "Waffenfabrik Walther Zella Mehlis", the id number (which is repeated at the base of the barrel and which can be seen when the barrel is opened). On the right side, hallmarks of receipt. Its works as a double action gun. The barrel is opened when you push the piece just before the trigger, causing its release and its failover. Then the cartridge can be inserted. The barrel can be closed Le canon by applying on the barrel to rotate dry, bottom-up to block it again on the frame of the pistol. The hammer can now be armed. A simple pressure on the trigger allows the hammer and the firing pin to fire the signal cartridge.

The relatively large size of the barrel (232 mm) had the drawback of making the cumbersome use of the signal gun.
. Therefore, between 1926 and 1934, the barrel was shortened and will obtain the following characteristics:     total length: 247 mm (instead of 324 mm),
    total weight (empty): 1,325 kilos.

The 'amputation' was applied on nearly all flare guns already made while the new guns were manufactured to the desired length.
This detail explains the relative scarcity of the Heer Model 26 'long'.
Some pictures of a superb Mod. 26 flare gun from Gary Boward collection.



An other sample of a PLF Mod. 26. flare gun. This one has a shorten barrel and has a different finish compared to the one above. 

Notice the regiment marking on the inside part of the butt: R R 5.1


Simplistic being, you can
quickly recognize a Mod. 26 based on the size of the trigger guard. Later on with the other models, its size will increase and its width decrease.