The Kampfpistole or model Z

First, the first derivative of the ‘Heer’ is called Kampfpistole (for gun battle), was created to address the inefficiencies of weapons while serving in the German Army, regarding the street battle. Indeed, the German General Staff had need of an army light, easy to handle and allows maximum efficiency in the field.

So in 1939 the flare gun ‘Heer’ was reviewed by the Walter and Erma firms which will result in the same year, the creation of a weapon to meet this need, the Kampfpistole. It takes exactly the same structure as the ‘Heer’ type 1934 or type Heer except that its barrel, internally, is rifled and its left side receives as marking the letter Z (which is white phosphorescent to identify the weapon in a lack of lighting). However, a difference in the size of the letter Z may be noted. Thus this difference is explained by the fact that two manufacturing plants have produced this pistol ‘flare’ launchers. Of the guns manufactured by Erma, the Z is back to 8 mm and the line to a width of 1.5 mm, while for the weapons produced by Walther, the Z is top of 9 mm and the line to a width of 1 mm.
During the year 1940 marking the one-Erma Erfurt except Z, when present on the copies produced by the same firm, was replaced by the code ayf and the year of production.
In total, from 1939 to 1942, this company has created 15,000 Kampfpistole excluding those produced by the company Walther.

Model Z, code ayf 42 so it has been manufactured by Erma ('little' Z).            


Model Z, coded ayf 41 (made by Erma),


Model Z, code ac 41 so it has been manufactured by Walther ('bigger' Z) with detailed pictures of the rifled barrel and the bubble level. 


Model Z, code ayf 42 (manufactured by Erma, 'little Z') with some examples of cartridges that can be launched.


Some samples of Kampfpistole cartridges:

The legend is the following:

1 Nebelpatrone Z with vent (smoke cartridge) 


Box containing ten cartridges (on the picture, the cases are missing); You can see a red "Z" on the two sides of the box to easely recognize it - Clic on the picture to see it on the original format -.


Nebelpatrone Z without vent (smoke cartridge)

3 Deutpatrone Z

4 Nachrichtenpatrone Z with anodized body (message sending). The content of the Bakelite head is based on a piece of paper and a pencil. After having written the message and placed it in the bakelite head, the 'rocket' is launched and a smoke charge helps to visualize the place where the message has been dropped.


Nachrichtenpatrone Z (message sending). Same as above.

6 K.P.Sprengpatrone Z, red stenciled marking at the cartridge.


K.P.Sprengpatrone Z, steel shell lacquered.

8 F.Leuchtpatrone Z, black plastic head.


F.Leuchtpatrone Z, white painted black plastic head.

10 K.P.Sprengpatrone Z with its cardboard container.


More detailled informations can be found on the following web site: LEXPEV site

To illustrate, a picture of a LP "Z" with a box of smoke cartridges: