The Zink Model

From 1943 and again to save the materials used, the model Heer is now manufactured in zinc, which gives it the name Model Zink.
These characteristics are identical with the exception of weight (heavier, he now weighs 1.250 kg instead of 0.730 kg of duralumin Heer model) and doe not now finish (shiny after polishing and then gray in air).




Estimated production

Code WaAmt


ac 43




ayf 43 or Erma-Erfürt



Berliner Lübecker

duv 42, duv 43


 214 (on a Zink4/duv 43)






Besides making the code is engraved the words Zink or Zink 4.

Pictures (different models / years)

Model zink marked ac 1943. Located on the right side an eagle surmounting a heart in reverse, a symbol of Walther manufacturer.


Model zink, two flare guns made by Lübercker, manufacturer code duv, with the Zink 4 marking and 1942 dated.