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Here are some pictures of German flare guns on the field. Most of them have been found on the worl wide web
Nevertheless, most of them are coming from the public German army archive that everybody can access at that URL Wikimedia:

We just want to remind that most of them were done for propaganda use.

Picture dated from 1943 or 1944 in Yugoslavia, we will remark that the flare gun used is Czechoslovakian model

Set of pictures in Russia (October 1943) showing non flying people from Luftwaffe using a Mod. L double barrel flare gun.

June 1942, Russia, the forth man is wearing a flare gun in his holster.

1942, this sniper is wearing on his belt a flare gun holster just near his scope pouch.

Picture dated from 1942 / 1943 (France) where we can see a Luftwaffe pilot with a cartridge belt on his left leg.
The flare gun was stored, in a lot of cases, in one of the different pockets of his trousers or flying dress.

France (1942), an Unteroffizier from the Luftwaffe loading...

Under the sun (North Africa, 1941), two pictures showing a soldier of Luftwaffe loading his flare gun.

In North Africa, two Luftwaffe people are preparing survival kit for a Ju-87 Stuka.
On the left, you can see a flare gun in his right hand and some other guns (maybe a safari project?).

March 1942 (North Africa), Luftwaffe soldier is inventorying the content of his survival kit (included with the survival board on that can be seen on the background).
On his feet, an opened box (Notsignalbehälter).

Content of the survival kit provided with the rescue boat.
On the left, we observe:

Two cartridge boxes (R-Patronen) for flare guns and a set of smokes (different sizes)
On the right, above the inflator, two survival boxes containing each one a flare gun and cartridges.

Summer 1944, a well known picture showing a soldier wearing a flare gun holster on top of his zeltbahn.
We will observe that the cleaning rod is directly attach to his belt. We can see the hook of the strap.

Older model of flare gun used by KriegsMarine.

Russia (June 1941), the man, on foreground, is wearing, on his belt, a holster for flare gun.

Just to prove, if it's needed, that flares were used in flying bombers.
On the right, near the observer in this He-111, you will find a cartridge cardboard box (ESN 1 or 4 ?).

Some pictures of German paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) - on which we can observe cartridge belt.


June 1943, a soldier from the GrossDeutschland division is going to launch a grenade with is flare gun (Wurfkörper 361 für Leuchtpistole using a Eierhandgranate 39).

1944, just some few seconds before launching the same type of grenade on the Atlantic wall

Use of SturmPistole (LP 34 or Heer Model with the stock for launching explosive grenade - here, a Wurfkörper 358 für Leuchtpistole (based on the explosive can of a M. 24 hand grenade)


Same model but used with the anti-tank grenade Panzerwurfkörper 42 für Leuchtpistole.

Somewhere in Athena (Greece), 1943.

Protected by a small wall, as soldier is going to fire a flare.

An OberLeutnant, loading his flare gun.

Somewhere, in the Balkans

Some pictures found on the web (location and date unknown) [in case of copyright matter, don't hesitate to contact the webmaster].


Interesting picture showing some Luftwaffe soldiers having several types of flare gun. Two of them have a LP 34 or Heer Model and the soldier completely on the right is wearing a Hebel flare gun (usually made between the WWI and 1926).

Luftwaffe pilot with his flare gun attached to his life jacket


Luftwaffe pilot with his flare gun attached to his life jacket when sleeping 

Pictures of soldier playing with a flare gun cleaning rod

Pilot fixing his flare cartridges belt before landing off


Soldier (on the right) wearing his flare cartridges pouch 

Same as above

Interesting views of Luftwaffe pilots wearing their flare gund under their life jacket

Picture of the pilot Uffz Rudolf Müller du 6.JG 5 94 Luftsiege where the flare gun is in his right boot and the cartridges belt on his left leg.

Detailled view of the cartridges belt and the LP on a pilot's left leg

Unsual flare gun holster on the leg of a Luftwaffe pilot

Waffen SS soldier wearing a flare cartridges pouch

Some pictures of soldiers 'playing' with flare guns (don't try to do the same please) in the Kriegsmarine and on a colder field...

Picture non dated around Stalingrad where we can see booth the leather cartridges pouch and the LP holster

A very nice extract from a newspaper called 'Muenchener Illustrierte Presse, 20 Jahrgang, Nr. 23,' June 10th dated 1943 showing a Meldehund carrying booth a Leuchtpistole and a pouch 
(Thanks again very much to Matthew for this scan).

Once again, thanks to Matthew.. a picture coming from the weekly 'Die Woche', July 30 1941 dated, on page 3 with the following description: 'Ein Spähtrupp der Waffen-SS dringt im Gebiet der Stalin-Linie durch dichten Wald, aus dem immer wider Sowjets hervorbrechen, um der kaempfenden Truppe in den Ruecken zu fallen'

Interesting picture of a web flares web pouch (soldier on the left).

Soldier from the Lufwaffe having his flare gun on his belt.

Flares bandoler .....

Waffen soldier shooting with a flare fun.

KM soldier playing with a SL flare gun.

Interesting picture of a soldier wearing the flare gun holster and a cartridges pouch.

Soldier having a flare gun in hand.

Zoom on the flare gun.

FJ soldiers with two flares belts and a FG42

A FJ soldier with a flare gun in hand.

Werhmacht soldiers showing one wearing a flare gun holster.

FJ team with a cartridges belt.

Nice picture that allows to see a web catridges pouch (and a nice camoouflaged helmet).

Strange picture: Waffen cap, Heer belt and a FJ blouse with a flare gun.

Flare cartridges box ready to be used.

Test of a flare gun with a butt (on the field made or some experimentation)

Same as above (looks like in the same place):

Bicycle and its driver with a flare gun in the holster:

Soldiers from the Kriegsmarine. The one on the left has a single barrel KM flare gun:

Luftwaffe pilot on the way to use his flare gun model L:

Watching what is coming ...:

FJ Soldier:

LW pilots (for sure at school). The student on the right has a flare gun on his belt:

FJ guys in front of a container. A cartridge pouch (in leather) is just in front of it:

Shooting just behind a bunker:

In a German town at the end of the war. In the middle of a set of wooden boxes and helmets is a cratridge pouch with still some cartridges:

Picture taken in 1940 in France or Belgium:

And next:

Luftwaffe soldiers. On the ground, some flare cartridges boxes:

Somewhere in Russia:

During the Stalingrad battle:

Not so reglementary picture. The third guy from the left has a flare cartridges opened pouch.

A unit of Waffen (police ?) soldiers, with a lot of material. For sure in the East of Europe.
The guy on the right has a flare gun.

Picture of a Waffen unit again. The second soldier, from the left, is wearing a flare cartridges pouch.

Leather flare gun pouch at the back of the soldier on the right side of the picture

Interesting picture of soldiers from the Luftwaffe. The first one has a double barrel flare gun in his belt.

Zoom on this detail.

Assault team with a member having a flare gun in his hand.

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