The Sturmpistole Model

The ultimate gun derived from the 'Heer' was called the Sturmpistole or assault pistol. This differs little from Kampfpistole.

Indeed, this assault gun was in fact a gun-launched rocket "Heer" type 1934 or war which was added as accessories:

- A system of sight (Visiereinrichtung zur Leuchtpistolee) with 3 rear sight to achieve a distance of firing up to 75 meters

- A padded stick (Schulterstutze zur Leuchtpistole), folding and removable, given the brutality of hard shock at shooting

- And a removable internal sleeve (gez.Einstecklauf zur leucthpistole) gun through which an indentation is not postponed during the extraction of the projectile.

Here below, some pictures of a Sturmpistole (without the stick) (click on pictures to see them in their original size)



Here below, a picture of a very Sturmpistole belonging to Dr. Baumgarten collection. It allows seeing the whole set composed of the stock, the sight system and the flare gun itself (click on the picture to see it in its original size):


It should be noted that the removable sleeve is not necessary to launch all the different kind of grenades. Only the model 42 LP Panzerwurfkörper necessitated it.

Panzerwurfkörper 42 LP


Other models grenades were designed.
They were:

- Wurfkörper 358 LP
- Wurfkörper 361 LP

The model tested 358 LP in 40 years was quickly abandoned because of the relatively large weight of the explosive charge

The model LP 361 was subject to different declinations. The sleeve was either wood or Bakelite. The first model required a special sleeve to be launched. Thereafter, the second model was composed of a cap to the insertion of the 361 LP Wurfkörper by the muzzle. The presence of a half ring ensuring the role of a ‘circlip’ maintains the handle of the grenade in the barrel until its launch.


Wurfkörper 361 LP with Bakelite sleeve


Wurfkörper 361 LP with wooden sleeve 


Other examples of Wurfkörper 361: 


It is therefore possible to have the following still life composed of different types of grenade for Sturmpistole (noting that the models shown here Wurfkörper could be learned by a simple or 34 LP Heer).

Here above, two pictures showing Wurfkörper 361 LP on the field. 

Better closed to these pictures, we can appreciate the way these Wurfkörper 361 are 'carried' (sorry for the poor quality of zooming). One is in the parka and other ones are in the left and right pockets of his pair of trousers.


Other pictures (more known) are available on the 'Pictures' part of this web site.