Ammunitions boxes for flare cartridges 

Mandatory "accessory" linked to flare guns, cartridges needed to be transported.
From back office to the front and then to the field, cartridges needed a way to be carried.

For such purpose, the simplest way is still the wood boxes and for smaller packaging, bakelite boxes.

1. Wooden transport boxes

2. Bakelite box

3. Boxe for ammunition in armoured vehicules

4. Wurfkörper 361 LP box

It seems that only one model (with some minor variations depending on the manufacturer) was identified (with different markings depending on the content) and is shown here below with the following pictures:


Opened box (on that model, two web canvas straps permit the upper pannel to stay opened). A label, inside the box, describes the content of the ammunitions box.
Caisse ouverte   Etiquette


Markings on the different sides of the box.

Marquage1  Marquage2

An other box from a fairly collector:

(just click on the picture to see it in its original size)


An other example of a flare cartridges wooden box but with the particularity to be camouflaged:

Front view:

Rear view:

Side view:


View with the cover opened:


Bottom view:

Top view:

Again, an other sample of wooden flare cartridges (Rauchbündelpatronen type) transport box:

An other example of a flare cartridges wooden box (with more detailled views) re-used for Rauchsichtzeichen (smoke system described there)





Another example of a flare cartridges box reused for Rauchsichtzeichen (here the 160 model) (the items are described here)




To learn more on that subject ...

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Bakelite box

Here is an example of a Bakelite case containing six flare cartridges (usually, there is a paper label on the cover describing the content):

Boite bakelite


Boite   Boite dessus


Click on the pictures here below to better observe the different markings on the Bakelite covers.





A very nice brown red Bakelite (on left) container dated 1939 (compared to a more classic brown container).

And a zinc Kriegsmarine box for white star flares

Ammunition Box for armoured vehicule:

Here below is an example of a box designed for containing flare cartridges in armoured vehicules.
The last picture is extracted from a book showing the whole set of boxes (with their content descriptions) in a Panzer.

The one shown here is the one at the bottom right.


(Click on picture to visualize them in their original format)

Transport box for Wurfkörper 361 LP:

Here below, an example of a transport box (the same as the one designed for handgrenade M24) for the Wurfkörper 361 LP (a stick with a M39 egge grenade on the its top to be launched by the Sturmpistole described here).

This box is for tropical purposes ('fur Tropen' markings):


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